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Custom Thermoform Designs specializes in designing and creating holsters for whatever you need.  Custom Thermoform Designs takes request for any holster.  If you have an idea or a holster need that you cannot find, contact us and Custom Thermoform Designs will do the best we can to design and create it.  Custom Thermoform Designs focuses on durability and tries to make each holster with the intention that the customer will only have to buy one holster that lasts.  Custom Thermoform Designs uses quality materials and all steel mounting hardware (no aluminum due to durability issues).  Custom Thermoform Designs will absolutely replace any defective item that is brought to our attention, and will evaluate replacements on a case-by-case basis.  Please use proper safety when handling any weapons and holsters.  Customers should use their own judgment in the use of these holsters.  Customers assume full liability and responsibility of any misuse/use of these holsters.