Custom Thermoform Designs has some holsters available in our Online Store and some available on Amazon.  What we specialize in is customizing holsters to the way you want them.  If you have a holster you like, but you want something changed or modified, please email us and we will do the best we can.  We have made multiple holsters for various items for law enforcement including custom radio holsters, CAT Tourniquet Holsters, Pepper Spray holsters (MK-4 & MK-3), and more.  Our holsters are built to withstand rugged use.  Before making your online purchase please email us ( if you have any questions or is you would like your holster customized in any way (such as different belt clips, shape, etc).  Then look through the colors available below, and then click on our Online Store to make your purchase.  In the Online Store click the type of carry/holster and then select your gun, color, etc.  We also offer laser engraving on holsters and accessories.

Custom Thermoform Designs are designed and hand-crafted by a United States Combat Veteran, in The United States of America.

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Available Holster Colors